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Established 2013, as a merger between “CMSEG” the British healthcare records digitization giant and “CMSUNI” an Egyptian company providing healthcare quality and digital transformation services at MENA region. The merger has created an unlimited potential of healthcare innovations, through the summed knowledge and experience of world-class professionals in Healthcare management, Quality and Health informatics.


We innovate to: Create the future today, Cater to the unattended human and business needs, Optimize resources utilization. Aiming at the highest time, effort and cost efficiency.


To provide the most smart, affordable, effective and integrated solutions. Through investing our knowledge, experience and vast network, to create and facilitate building custom-maid solutions, tailored to each need. With “Partnership” as a relation with our client, and “Friendship” with our planet and its inhabitants.

Why to choose us?

We are one of a kind, fully diversified Healthcare Think tank and Tools factory, with an innovative spirit and passion for quality. Our existing deliverables are the market’s dreams. We are



Innovative, Simplicity is our goal, Complexity is what we Do,Only when there is no way else.


Whatever we deliver, we know all about it, as well as around it. (Watch, Learn, Do, Innovate, Teach, Watch again) is out knowledge creation and transmission cycle.


Our products are (Person-centered), and (Eco-friendly).


Delivering you honest outputs, and charge you based on the value created. We don’t give products for free, and we don’t overprice them, we are on a mission for bringing back the common sense of value perception.


We know how to win, Moreover, we create only Win-Win partnerships.


Lean is how we think, design and operate. Waste is our defeated enemy.


As a partner, we help even beyond our contracted deliverables, till you get the best synergistic outcome.


Our work is joy for us, we will make you happy all the way too.


Sylph-Care® a universal Telehealth and Wellbeing services platform. The unicorn of digital healthcare, being the only digital system in the world delivering healthcare data business intelligence analytics, as well as an operational platform for remotely delivered: Population health, Disease management, medical Case management, Hotlines, Expert opinion, Home healthcare, Wellness, Happiness, and Special care services. All through one stand alone platform, that can also efficiently integrate with other systems as needed.


When it comes to healthcare, we are all what you need. Our products, services and affiliations, will deliver to you even beyond what you think. And we engage all healthcare stockholders

  • - Digital transformation consultations and solutions, as Paper medical records digitization and coding.
  • - Market analysis and Business development consultations.
  • - Innovative, (Person-centered) and (Value-based) healthcare service design and staff training. As building the family medicine model: (Continuum of care).
  • - Customer journey excellence and loyalty advisory.
  • - Quality improvement and accreditation project management.
  • - Regulatory compliance consultations.
  • - Healthcare Talent acquisition and professional development.
  • - Healthcare services and programs design. Targeting; optimized health outcomes, customer satisfaction and cost reduction. Through: Wellness, Disease and case management programs and platforms.
  • - Public health advisory.
  • - GIS services and applications.
  • - Employee Wellbeing (Health & Happiness) services and programs.
  • - Ergonomics, Occupational health, safety and hygiene consultations and training.
  • - Workplace clinic, candidate/job medical fitness, employee health benefits, insurance policy selection and contracting advisory.
  • - Health promoting events and campaigns.
  • - Telehealth and E-Wellness advisory and facilitations.
  • - Healthcare empowerment (Informed decision making and Personal data ownership).
  • - Environmental and Health awareness campaign design and staffing.

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